Friday, September 25, 2009

10. Thoughts On This Week's Comics

Here's my thoughts on -- hey, you've read the title! You know the score.

Blackest Night: Superman #2

*yawn* The first issue showed promise but this was was SO boring. The only good thing about it? We finally get to see Superman out-and-out whip ass on someone without holding back (i.e. lots of punching off B.L.Superman's jaw scenes). It doesn't really have much of a dramatic impact when the villain continually regenerates though.

Superman: Secret Origin #1

*yawn* Damn sorry. Seems to be a trend this week. Superman's origin was already retconned a few years back with the 'Superman - Birthright' miniseries. The only reason this is being done is because the new writers for the Superman universe reshaped Krypton's appearance and reintroduced the Legion into Superman's past when he was Superboy (yes, he's Superboy again, gang). There really isn't anything in this you wouldn't and couldn't have seen on 'Smallville' already. I'll be fair though: the explanation they give for Clark's glasses here is a great one, and will probably be better than whatever 'Smallville' comes up with when they finally realize "Hey, we've got to give Clark glasses!" And knowing 'Smallville,' that storyline will happen when Tom Welling is around 45 or so.

Justice League of America #37

Boy, I'm gettin' sleepy! *yawn* Another bad bad issue. Oh and DC? Sticking Superman on the front cover to look like he's fighting alongside them when he's only in four panels -- of a flashback no less! -- is pretty bad form.

Amazing Spider-Man #606

No yawning with this! Not when the Black Cat is around, meeeow! This issue is all right; not great, but nothing bad either. Which is a vast improvement over the ones above. Good for you, Marvel!

Dark Reign: The List, X-Men

Honestly, the title would be more accurate if it was "The List, Namor" since he's the target in this issue. But it doesn't matter because it was a pretty good story! Norman Osborn starts targetting his enemies, which include former-ally Namor. I've always thought Namor was pretty cool, and Norman's been consistantly entertaining since Dark Reign began. Nice job. And also has one of the coolest moments of the week, when the head of the assassin Norman sic'd on Namor is tossed through his window:

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