Monday, September 21, 2009

6. Blackest Night speculation/theory

More Blackest Night thinking.

Okay, here's the current status of Superboy in a nutshell.

In 'Infinite Crisis' he was killed by the evil parallel-universe Superboy-Prime.

Over the course of various 'JSA' issues (and revealed fully in the 'Legion Of Three Worlds' miniseries), the 31st century Starman exhumed Superboy's body in the present day and put it in a Kryptonian regenerator (the same sort of device which healed Superman during his death). A thousand years later, the regeneration cycle was successful and Superboy returned to life. Just in time to put a beatdown on Superboy-Prime. At the end of that series he returned to the 21st century.

Which means there's versions of the same character on DC's Earth now: the dead Superboy being resurrected, and the resurrected Superboy from the future.

Why do I have a feeling we might see a Black Lantern ring resurrecting (however briefly) the dead Superboy.......


  1. So I take it that none of the Superboys mentioned above is a young Clark Kent?

    I know a lot about the X-Books. I can pretty much understand the Summers' family tree. But this stuff? This will break my brain if I try to understand it...


  2. Nope. The Superboy I mentioned is a clone of Superman, which was 'activated' during his death at the hands of Doomsday.

    Superboy-Prime? He was introduced back in the '80s for the parallel-universe cleaning maxiseries Crisis On Infinite Earths. He was from a universe where all of the DC heroes were just comic characters; but he himself had superpowers. Initially a good guy, he sort of went nutso after decades in captivity once Crisis ended.