Thursday, September 17, 2009

2. Top Ten Coolest Weapons In Doctor Who

I was reading the blog of my good friend Cyberbeast ( - check it out!), and he did an entry talking about the coolest starship modifications on "Star Trek. " Inspired by that I opted to do my own twist on it, the Top 10 Coolest Weapons in Doctor Who!

In no particular order (more or less):

10) The DeMat Gun ('The Invasion Of Time')

Here's a weapon that's a dozen sides of badass! Created by the Time Lords, it actually erases the target from time itself! It was so powerful that Rassilon removed the knowledge of how to build it from the Time Lords' minds. However the instructions are still contained in the Matrix, which is where the Doctor got them.

9) The Tissue Compression Eliminator ('Terror of the Autons' and many others)

The Master's signature weapon. When someone is shot with this, it causes a massive painful compression in their skeleton and muscle-mass, reducing them down to the size of a doll, and killing them. This is something way cooler than any ol' laser gun because of the sheer awfulness of the idea of it.

8) The Laser Screwdriver ("The Sound of Drums")

Yeah it'd have been great if the Master had used the TCE in his return -- but the Laser Screwdriver is pretty neat too. It serves as your standard deadly-laser, but also has DNA-rewriting capabilities; enabling him to rewrite the Doctor's biology to remove his ability to regenerate and mass-age him. Maybe the coolest thing? That metallic *shing!* when it's extended and opened! I bought the toy of it for just that reason, and it's the ONE sound effect that wasn't included. Dammit.

7) The Auton Handgun ("Terror of the Autons" and many others)

I dunno. It's just the idea that the hand drops down and a friggin' gun is revealed inside that makes this awesome.

6) The Time Destructor ("The Daleks' Master Plan")

There aren't any pics of this little beauty since it's episodes were destroyed by the BBC. The Daleks created this in the year 4000. Powered by the rare mineral Taranium, this weapon is capable of increasing the flow of time in a specific area, or reversing it. The Doctor's companion Sara was aged to death trying to destroy it. Harsh!

5) Davros' Reality Bomb ("Journey's End")

Davros one-ups his creations in the deadly-invention category. It took the power of 27 planets in alignment to power the Reality Bomb. In Davros' own words: "Every atom in existence is bound by an electrical field. The Reality Bomb cancels it out - structure falls apart.... Full transmission will dissolve every form of matter. Across the entire universe. Never stopping. Never faltering. Never fading. People and planets and stars will become dust. And the dust will become atoms and the atoms will become... nothing. And the wavelength will continue, breaking... into every dimension, every parallel, every single corner of creation." Dayamm!

4) K9 ("The Invisible Enemy" and many others)

When the Doctor 'inherited' K9, the robot-dog has the ability to kill as well as stun. After a few modifications and tinkering, the Doctor removed the 'kill' function -- but he used K9 on many occasions to take out the bad guys!

3) Captain Jack's Makeshift Gun ("Bad Wolf" and many others)

He used the gun he'd hidden on himself (don't ask where) along with the Defabricator to make a pretty devastating weapon, capable of even destroying Daleks! He must've taken it with with him when he left the Game Station, because he still had it centuries later when he fought the Daleks with the Doctor.

2) The Dalek ("The Daleks" and many MANY others)

Come on, the Mark III travel machine is one huge weapon! It don't get any weapon-ier than this!

1) The Sonic Screwdriver ("Fury from the Deep" and many others)

The Doctor might say it's not a weapon, but it's been used offensively as well as defensively. This has to be at the top of the list!

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